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Playfully referred to as High Priestess Voodoo Goddess for her ability to help clients unlock unusual abilities and unexpected healing, Bridget's clients are as diverse as a multinational corporation CEO and his team across the U.S. and in India who are cultivating a heart-centered corporate-wide spirit of "all-faculties-in-full-play-high-five-vibe," an anti-terrorism FBI agent in the grips of adrenaline and in dire need of restful sleep, an Ironman Triathlete conquering the “bonk,” and thousands of patients with chronic or terminal illness seeking to awaken unrealized inner healing capacities and revitalize a sacred connection to all of life.

Read the book, take a class, or bring Bridget in to work with your team.


Bridget will show you how to unlock dormant resources, unleash latent healing capacities, and help you and your team transform using cutting-edge Heart-Mind-Body experiential learning.

"Just a word on Bridget.
I believe I gave you her book, Unlocking the Heart of Healing.
I have spent a considerable time in dialogue with Bridget over the last six months.  She may be the most incredible person I have ever met.
She is highly educated, incredibly wise, and amazingly capable."


Phillips Corporation CEO Alan Phillips introducing Bridget to his Gap International Breakthrough Leadership Coach in preparation for a coaching collaboration

"Man, this book is gold."

Daniel Hoang

Practitioner & Instructor, Thai Yoga Massage

"Bridget, you are too funny.  If you don’t make it to the big show revolutionizing humanity–try stand-up comedy."

Multinational Corporation Owner/ President

About Bridget Hughes

Bridget Hughes M.Ac., L.Ac., NBCCH is the author of Unlocking the Heart of Healing (Healing Point Press, 2014). She is an executive coach and corporate consultant, and has developed numerous experiential/embodied learning corporate workshops and team building events including her signature Improv and Stand-Up Trance-formation: Games to Unlock Freedom, Fun, & Flow & Unleash All Faculties into Full Play. Bridget owns two healing arts centers, has a Master's degree from the Maryland University of Integrative Health, holds National Board Certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, is a certified Qigong instructor, is the creator of Unlocking the Heart of Healing Meditation, and practiced as an acupuncturist for 23 years.

Using the foundational principles from Unlocking the Heart of Healing, Bridget has coached not only people stumped or sidelined with health challenges, but also business leaders, CEO's, and business owners in the middle of negotiating high stakes and multi-million dollar deals on how to use their Heart-Mind-Body connection for peak performance and for optimal, powerful, heart-centered outcomes. She has an international consulting practice teaching people around the globe how to apply Unlocking the Heart of Healing principles to transcend limits and unlock their highest physical, mental, and spiritual health.


Bridget's corporate trainings and events center around the theme of unlocking dormant inner resources through experiential exercises, self-inquiry, and group connection. Bridget has been told, "More change happened in this office after 2 months of working with you than after decades of working with Vistage and Gap International." Tense, stressed-out teams have found new excitement after only several 1.5 hour sessions with Bridget. In 2017 and in 2018 Bridget received Phillips Corporation Virtuoso Awards for her work. Her corporate clients include Phillips Corporation, Phillips Machine Tools India, Haeger Incorporated, AOL, Verizon, Centennial Surety Associates, Inc., and Harmony Gardens.

Bridget developed Unlocking the Heart of Healing Meditation to provide both beginners and experienced meditators exercises that unlock their deepest ability to meditate and fullest capacity to heal. The most common response to her classes and workshops is, "This is the first time I actually know in my body what unconditional love is." Through specific exercises that change people neurologically and biochemically, new experiences become available. Bridget's early meditation training included hundreds of hours working directly with now 93-year-old meditation teacher Dr. John Mann who is a Harvard graduate, was a professor of social psychology, has written 17 books, ran encounter groups in the 60’s and 70’s, and has taught meditation for 55 years. Bridget has meditated for 12 hours a day on multiple 5-day meditation intensives, 10, and 14-day intensives and considers meditation the single most valuable skill a person can learn.


With her husband Brandon, Bridget founded two healing arts centers in Columbia, Maryland, and Severna Park, Maryland ( While still practicing acupuncture full-time, she was named a 2010 and 2011 Favorite Doc in Chesapeake Family Magazine representing Anne Arundel County and the Chesapeake Bay Region. She is a past participant of the Howard County General Hospital Integrative Care Advisory Committee.


Bridget provided acupuncture care for patients undergoing cancer treatment through Central Maryland Radiation Oncology at Howard County General Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine from 2001–2019. She is a founding member and past participant of the Howard County General Hospital Integrative Care Advisory Committee.

Once a child patient with cerebral palsy at the Kennedy Krieger Institute herself, Bridget healed beyond what was considered possible and went on to present Grand Rounds at Kennedy Krieger in 2002. Bridget is a past participant of the Kennedy Krieger Institute Complementary and Alternative Medicine Advisory Committee. She is a past member of the Kennedy Krieger Institute Ethics Committee.


Bridget is a past provider of acupuncture in the outpatient treatment program of the Howard County Health Department Bureau of Addictions. She is certified by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. She is a past Maryland Community Health Initiative supervisor, and a past Maryland University of Integrative Health faculty member of both the Master of Acupuncture and Master of Arts in Transformative Leadership and Social Change programs.

Bridget has been interested for over 20 years in the intersection of health, wellness, brain science, energy arts, quantum physics, psychology, peak performance, and heart-based feeling states. Her passion is to help clients, students, and patients to unlock peak health, peak performance, and a transformational state of heart. Together with her husband Brandon, Bridget developed a hospital-based Recovery Movement Arts program in 2010 to bring restorative movement therapies such as Yoga and Qigong to cancer and chronically ill patients. Their current program includes Yoga and Unlocking the Heart of Healing Meditation and emphasizes using self-healing practices to unlock Heart-Mind-Body resources for healing and using meditation to access Inner Molecules of Medicine.


Bridget speaks frequently on healing and the heart-mind-body connection and has been a guest lecturer for Howard County General Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Phillips Corporation, AOL Baltimore, Evolve Medical Clinics, Howard County Department of Aging, The Stroke Comeback Center, The National Coalition of Chronic Pain Providers and Professionals, Healing Journeys/Cancer as a Turning Point, The Interfusion Festival, The Little Things for Cancer, Zaching Against Cancer, Survivors Offering Support (SOS), Wellness House of Annapolis, The Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association, Kittamaqundi Community Church, Alpha Delta Kappa International Honorary Organization for Women Educators, A Community of Transformation (ACT), Excellence in Fitness, Big Vanilla Athletic Club, The Riviera Beach Library, The Severna Park Library, and Goucher College.

Bridget, son Bain and husband Brandon are the authors of The Engaged Reader Books in Cursive "Read and Do" Series including Many Pennies: A Book To Read Aloud with Mom and Unlocking the Secrets of Hand Shadows: A Book to Read Aloud with Dad (Healing Point Press, 2015). For more information see

Above: Bridget receiving a Phillips Corporation Virtuoso Award for “Creating the ‘High-Five Vibe Hive’ and bringing unlimited possibility to our workplace through partner engagement, shared ideas, love and high-fives!”

Below: Mugs and water bottles!

with Phillips Corporation CEO Alan Phillips

Testimonial from an oncologist:

"I feel lucky to have met the acupuncture team of Bridget and Brandon Hughes, licensed acupuncturists with Healing Point Acupuncture and Healing Arts.  They have been treating my Radiation Oncology patients for over two decades now as part of an integrated approach to total wellness. 


There has been overwhelmingly positive feedback about these two professionals.  Not only do they help a large number of patients with conditions expected to respond to acupuncture, i.e., those associated with autonomic nervous system dysfunction, but many patients have noticed improvement in general well-being and a sense of calm after being treated. 


This team’s value extends beyond their technical skills and well into the psychosocial.  My patients have uniformly commented upon the willingness of Bridget and Brandon to truly listen to their stories, thereby lowering anxiety and improving understanding of the healing process.


After many patients had such positive experiences, I decided to try acupuncture with this team myself.  I too have seen objective improvement in autonomic dysfunction (Raynaud’s and migraines) and general well being that I attribute to acupuncture.


I have worked with Bridget and Brandon for over two decades in various capacities.  We have had many mutual patients and attended tumor conferences and committees together.  They are professional and understand the integration of varied specialties, including medical oncology, surgical oncology, nutrition, physical therapy, massage therapy, psychology, social work, radiology, pathology, etc. 


Several of my colleagues have opened their minds to the concept of acupuncture and are seeing positive results.


The compassionate and accepting approach Bridget and Brandon embrace puts patients at ease.  They provide more than just acupuncture, they also function as counselors.  I trust them to care for my most vulnerable patients and my family."

Jeanette A. Linder, M.D.

Chief of Radiation Oncology

Sinai Hospital

Children's Books by Bridget Hughes with Bain Hughes:
For more information see
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