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Unlock Your Ability to Open Your Heart

and Have a Meaningful Meditation Experience


Meditation is the most significant tool we can use to influence our state of mind, our ability to heal, our ability to relate to the challenges of life, and our ability to live our full human potential.

When a learning meditator has an early experience that is transformative, deep, and meaningfully life-enhancing, the practice becomes engaging, and rewarding to stick with. A meaningful experience is essential to elevate the practice beyond "quiet sitting." The #1 reason that people quit meditation is because they are bored and restless which leads them to wonder, "Am I meditating correctly?" Reluctance to invest time and attention into something that is not immediately and obviously beneficial is not "lack of commitment," rather, it is being an intelligent investor of time and attention. My aim is to help each student have a meaningful meditation experience as quickly as possible.

Life-enhancing meditation can be experienced by anyone, including the elite athlete wanting to improve performance, the bed-bound person with chronic or terminal illness, and the person who has been previously unsuccessful meditating. Responses include cascades of changes in neurotransmitters, immune complexes, and pain relieving complexes, an improved healing response, deepened relaxation, and for many, spiritual and consciousness-enhancing experiences. Though there is never a specific instruction in this practice that says, "Be loving toward other people," a spontaneous experience often expressed by participants is, "I feel a powerful sense of unconditional love for others."

Question: I want to learn to meditate, but do I have to sit in a yoga pose? If so, I won't last 2 minutes.


Answer: No. It is common to think of meditation as obligatory positioning + clearing the mind, but deepest meditative experiences require neither of those and yet are a full-body event often accompanied by a shift in consciousness/awareness. Uncomfortable positions, boredom, and a rigid stuffy approach are not only not requisite, they are true obstacles to an authentically life-enhancing meditative experience!

Saturday, January 21st 2023




Location: 5501 Twin Knolls Road Suite 111  

Columbia, MD 21045

To register:


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"This was a transformative training. It made quick and easy work out of the somewhat daunting task of meditation.

This method dissolves the illusion of separation with lightning fast certainty."


"This experience was so profound that until now I haven't wanted to talk about it, I have just needed to sit with it. At multiple points during the day, even though I was partnering with people I didn't know, I felt totally bathed in unconditional love. It was so enveloping it was scary in a way, and I found myself almost fighting against it. At one point I started crying I felt so unconditionally loved. Having this experience was so good for me. I need more of this. One night I was having trouble sleeping and I used the memory of that total love and was able to fall back to sleep. I have meditated many times including on extended retreats and in an ashram and have been initiated by spiritual teachers and yet never had an experience like this. There were moments when I knew I was on the verge of going into a state of consciousness so different from anything I have known that I would pull back from the vastness of it. Ultimately I was just overcome with the feeling of love. I felt like a baby receiving it. All I could do was take it in."


"Thank you for hosting the Unlocking the Heart of Healing Meditation Training, inviting each to explore only what was comfortable, creating a safe place to step outside my personal comfort zone. I slowly stepped out and learned to trust a new experience of heartfelt connection. Releasing an old belief that I was attached to. Inviting us all to experience a connection to the Spirit, divine, energy that is truly and abundantly among and within each of us.  So many wonderful heartfelt connections with complete strangers that I never anticipated. 


Connecting thru eye gazing, sound, poetry, and simply being present to ourselves and another human being experiencing unconditional love to oneself and each stranger we chose to open ourselves to. Seeing and feeling so much love , compassion and goodness within each individual.  Accepting each person where they are, and whatever was needed at that moment.


Thank you for sharing your gifts, personal meditation discoveries, research, kindness,  honesty, humbleness and humor.


Grateful for our connection,"


"Your workshop was so powerful Saturday.  I think everyone came ready to embrace the opportunity which was so wonderful... and somewhat amazing.

My experience was that this practice dissolves the illusion of separation of humanity. Which we talk about a lot, but this provides the absolute truth to that "ideal."

To attempt to put words to what happened when I worked with you, it moved around from deep Love, gratitude and appreciation to something way larger than any words.

I felt a deep piercing probe behind your eyes... it was as if I was saying, I see you, I see you, where are you... I want to know who are you...I see you I see you.

And then my gaze became so fixed and the "you" I was looking for was most certainly not in your body or behind your eyes.

Rather it was cosmic and we were there together in a state of great suspended expansion and awe. There was such an intensity.

I feel perhaps our willingness to allow this process invoked this transcendental experience.

As always, Bridget I am in deep gratitude for what you are bringing to us Muggles.  (Harry Potter)"


"Thank you for a wonderful workshop today!!! It was meant to be that I attend. I knew nothing about you and am so glad I found out about it. Life awards miracles every day. I felt honored to have made such life altering connections with so many. What people shared with me was so profound. Much of it was not shared in public. True blessings."


“I’m seeing colors, all the colors of the rainbow but they are so vibrant, and the colors are there whether my eyes are closed or open. Am I going crazy? And the sounds, it's like my sensory acuity is far more keen than usual, and I’m aware of every little thing, but at the same time I have such a feeling of bliss, a bliss I’ve never known before, even as I hear every little bump and bang. Nothing has ever happened to me like this before and I don't want it to stop. Am I crazy, is this crazy???”

–A student

"This is not crazy, you are meditating!"


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