Unlock Breakthrough Human Dynamics and Potentials Through Experiential Learning

Human Dynamics, Potentials, and Personal Growth thought leader Bridget Hughes uses experiential and embodied learning to teach corporate leaders to become world class possibility thinkers and use their highest heart-mind-body resources to unlock dormant or latent possibilities in themselves and their teams.

Bridget's totally out-of-the-box approach is built on two pillars:

Improv and Stand-Up Trance-Formation: Games to Unlock Freedom, Fun, & Flow & Unleash All Faculties into Full Play

This full day workshop scales from 5–45 participants and has received  accolades both as a team building event for leaders to participate in with their team, and as a learning workshop exclusively for Senior Executives.

Above: Bridget receiving one of her Phillips Corporation Virtuoso Awards from CEO Alan Phillips for “Creating the ‘High-Five Vibe Hive’ and bringing unlimited possibility to our workplace through partner engagement, shared ideas, love and high-fives!”

To book Bridget Hughes for your organization: info@unlockingtheheartofhealing.com

Transformative Group Practice


This 1.5 hour recurring workshop scales from 3–12 participants and has received resounding praise for both onsite groups in Maryland, and for remote video conference groups including participants from other countries. Some of Bridget's Transformative Group Practice groups, by demand, have run every-other-week ongoing for 3 years.


Together these two pillars turbo-charge participants to accelerate their awareness, their risk taking, their vulnerability, their connection, and their growth. Experiential learning and connected, meaningful conversations are the keys that unlock human development beyond the ordinary.

What people are saying about Improv and Stand-Up Trance-Formation: Games to Unlock Freedom, Fun, & Flow & Unleash All Faculties into Full Play:

“I would strongly recommend the Improv & Stand-Up Trance-formation Class as a team building/strengthening event.  Interacting with my teammates in this safe environment through this process immediately revealed their hearts and minds in a way that touched mine allowing me to understand them and myself in a way that wasn’t previously available to me.  I was able to gain clarity on matters I’ve been pursuing for some time.  I came away refreshed and renewed as a person and a team member."

–Georgetta B. Scales
Bid & Proposal Manager/Contracts Manager – Federal
Phillips Corporation, Federal Division

Sample Syllabus for Improv and Stand-Up Trance-Formation: Games to Unlock Freedom, Fun, & Flow & Unleash All Faculties into Full Play:

More on Improv and Stand-Up Trance-Formation: Games to Unlock Freedom, Fun, & Flow & Unleash All Faculties into Full Play:

“Bridget you are masterful"

"This helped me open up to others, gave me insight into others, helped me redefine goals, and it was so good I am at a loss for words."

"Any awkwardness that existed within our team is now gone. I feel like can talk about anything now."

"I loved the interaction with the entire team"

"The team interaction was great. You were great."

"Loved everything about this workshop."

"Loved getting to know everyone on a personal level."

"The Psychic Surgery was great! You’re great!"

"Amazed at how ready everyone is to engage in this way.  After this, I wonder what levels are ahead!"

"Fun, engaging, interactive, insightful, energizing!"

"It is rewarding to spend time being light-hearted and open to the world"

"It was so great to learn more about our extended team"

"Felt great to be surrounded by so much support to take risks."

"The levels of candidness, humor and caring that were on display were motivating, and I consider myself very fortunate to be here."

"It was very engaging and fun, and I was surprised to find out that other partners have similar fears, thoughts, roadblocks, etc. and that we are not alone in our crazy-wonderful minds!!"

"Thank you for organizing a great team event.  Bridget is an amazing facilitator."

"I never thought I liked improv but discovered that it’s really a lot of fun and we have very creative and engaging partners who care about each other."

"Helpful to many people on many levels.”
“Had a great time, learned a lot about myself and the people I work with. Now I can make things better at work for them.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the openness, and the opportunity to learn about my work Family. I feel even closer to them.”
“This was great. Learned a LOT and shared things in this group I have never shared before.”
“Good engagement. I think all came away different than they started. Worth Repeating Please!”
“I love that the exercises were so open. You are allowed to share your truth without any judgment. I enjoyed the encouragement that was given without even asking. You never know who is struggling with the same things you are.”
“Liked that I didn’t feel pressured to do anything that I was not comfortable with. Great to have been in the class.”
“The workshop was energetic and transformative. You were able to receive a part that people don’t usually share especially in a group this size.”
“I loved that I could watch and still learn and not have to feel pressure. I love every minute of today. I’m so glad I got to be a part of this.”
“I really enjoyed the free flowing pace and direction of the workshop. It allowed us to explore the direction that worked best for us as a group.”
“Thank you for bringing the great and goodness in all of us! Great Job Bridget!”
“It was fun and interesting. Please come back!”
“I feel that this was definitely needed!! There were many initially skeptical people who thoroughly enjoyed this. I feel like this & more of this is needed to truly bring us together. I definitely needed to be in tune with my feelings. Thank you so much for everything!”

"Wasn’t sure what I was walking into but it was an eye opening experience. Learned a lot about myself.”
“I thought this was very informative and very enlightening. Very good team building skills. I enjoyed this very much, this was a different experience.”
“I enjoyed Bridget. She introduced a lot of new ideas and thoughts for me and the group. I enjoyed the group participants and how we interacted with each other. My favorite was talking about Dream and Inner Obstacle and how we helped remove the obstacles presented.”
“Had fun. Kept everyone entertained. GREAT JOB!!”
“Honestly exceeded my expectations. I feel like this helped everyone to get to know themselves & others. I don’t feel like anyone felt pressured to participate which was good. Thank you!”
“This workshop was not what I expected. Quite honestly by the title I thought it was going to by psychobabble. Instead, this empowered us to see our vulnerabilities and work together to support and care more about who we are and what we as a team can accomplish.”
“It was a great learning experience and Bridget really brought our group together.”
“Really enlightening and engaging. I really did not know what to expect. Some very interesting concepts explored and I want to know more.”
“I enjoyed sharing my Dream and realizing what I need to do to overcome what’s holding me back.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the time with all of my teammates Near and Far. Great opportunity to learn more about myself & others and utilize this new knowledge to better work with others & be more effective working together towards a common goal. Bridget was very effective at helping all of us discover things about ourselves. Thanks for bringing great and Good energy!”


What people are saying about Transformative Group Practice:

“You've done it, Hughes. You've cracked it wide open!"

–CEO Alan Phillips borrowing a quote from the film Pollock, to describe Bridget's work with groups

“We only have 6 of these scheduled? I want these groups to go on forever!"

Senior Team Leader about a remote video group of Senior Team members

“I want to say this was the most energizing meeting I have been to. I really felt the trust and genuineness of us all to make this work. I’m pumped and ready for the next one."

Senior Team Leader about a remote video group of Senior Team members

For anyone less familiar with the kickass Bridget Hughes, she’s kind of a magical creature that brings positive energy, unique insight, and development to partners here at Phillips (and the world at large.)

She is a wellness coach and consultant, licensed acupuncturist, hypnotherapist, QiGong instructor, with a Masters in Integrative Health and more. Basically she’s a badass.

In my first group, we went over anything from meditation techniques, dealing with stress, personal development, elevating communication, and so on and so on and so on.
What we do is designed around you.
Participation is completely voluntary.
And totally worth it.

–Excerpt from an invitation to Transformative Group Practice

“How can I be a leader who not only appears to conduct myself in a calm, controlled and well rounded way, but actually is that inside? I could achieve so much more because unnecessary energy and time would not be spent stressing out, getting too tired, getting too worn out, being unable to sleep, not spinning in circles thinking “what do I do? What do I do?” etc., and it would be motivating, energizing and exciting to work on my bigger goals.”


She later wrote to the company CEO, “Bridget has single-handedly transformed my life.”

-Operations Manager of a multinational corporation, who asked this question before a video conferencing session


Unlocking Tools for Transformation

Transformative Group Practice is designed to follow the needs and interests of participants rather than a rigid syllabus. Below are example topics that always emerge and continue to deepen over 6–24 months.

Leadership is a living skillset that we develop and improve over a lifetime. When our leadership skillset is vibrant and effective we can see it in our sphere of influence: uplift, enjoyment of challenge, and the satisfaction of progressive success in ourselves and the people around us.


When there is a weakness in our skillset we can’t always pinpoint why, but we see the symptoms: either ourselves (or a person in our sphere of influence, it is not always or even usually "all them" that is the problem) stuck, dragging, locked in defensiveness or blame, talent lying dormant, a narrow and tense orientation to the challenges of life, enthusiasm dwindling, etc.


To be equipped in that moment with a way to engage a new perspective, or to provide an unseen solution that would bring an authentic relief, or to express a communication of loving candor that would keep the moment real, or the ability to speak powerfully and inspirationally to re-orient a person to use their problems as a fulcrum to grow around are just a few examples of skills that rise everyone around us to a higher level while we grow ourselves. Transformative Group Practice groups are a forum for creatively increasing team connection and leadership skillsets.


Participants learn to:

Foster a genuine experience of growth in oneself and others. The #1 Key Principle is re-invest attention and energy into growth and creativity. Often people squander enormous amounts of creative energy by venting, criticizing, and complaining about things that aren't right or aren't going well. It is a discipline to formulate those feelings into well-discerned and well-communicated phenomena thus serving one's responsibility to a situation, and then reinvesting that energy into the creative nourishment of one's gifts, projects, family, and team. Many talented people never fully actualize their own gifts nor nourish the situations they are in to the highest level because they lack consistent skillfulness in investing their vital life energy properly (get hooked by upset.) We deeply investigate each person's "rant" and what to do about it to authentically unlock energy, awareness, and effective action.

✔Identify "Necessary Risks" and how and when to take them. Alchemically transmute the biochemicals of stress to a genuine inner state of empowerment. Stress harms but exhilarated empowerment liberates. Learn very specific tools to move between these biochemical electromagnetic states in the body, and learn to teach those tools.

Help people become world class possibility thinkers. Increase creative problem solving for the very human concerns that effect all people. Lack of authentic relief from complex stressors = eventual shut down or hardening into rigidity and complaint. True possibility thinking is not trite, nor telling someone what to do, but rather hits people at the deepest level, rings totally true, and liberates a feeling of freedom.

Inspire teams to rise above habits that mire them in cycles of stress-complaint-creative burnout and further inspire them to cultivate the habits that lead to the results they desire, and a true and full-bodied hoot in the hallways High-Five Vibe.

✔Become more masterful in stewarding the cycle of rant to relief for the challenges that all people experience at some time: challenges of stress, health, energy, personal interaction dynamics, and more. We cannot fix or solve all problems, yet there is an inner place of peace irrespective of our health or life circumstances. When we can connect to inner relief, it always frees new energy and enjoyment of life.

✔Empower people to live in a powerful state of creative flow. We all have the capability for flow states, but habitual ways of carrying stress in our body can cause us to lose access or forget how. Creative flow is one of the true joys of life and without regular experiences of it, life becomes dull and wearisome. Learn specific methods for facilitating flow.

✔Stress can break us down or break us open. Learn the inner transformation/meditation skills that foster relaxed energization in a climate of randomness, fast-pace and uncertainty. Learn to teach these skills to others in a way that truly results in "breaking open" vs. becoming defeated, overwhelmed, frazzled, or experiencing an inner state of drag.

✔Fall in love with adventure and uncertainty, and learn to benefit, thrive, and grow when exposed to high stakes situations. These are learned skills acquired through proper tools and practice. Without both "right risk" tolerance, and the tools to authentically transform stress, in a protective measure to preserve health the human organism will try to control stress levels by recoiling. Stress-induced illness further reduces creativity, solution-orientedness, and enjoyment of life. Learn specific skills to help people fall in love with right risk vs. trying to control, manage, and contract against the fast pace and chaos inherent to a full and rich life. Better health and a lot more fun are the side effects.

✔Embrace a message of "work as a fulcrum to organize personal growth around." An attitude of "working for the weekend" can easily permeate a workplace where both a sense of gratitude for work, and a spirit of, "I can grow and rise to the challenges in a way that is satisfying and rewarding" easily get lost. Learn to relate to the challenges of work as a positive fulcrum to develop oneself around.

✔Hone all communications, written and spoken, to be clean, clear, and direct. No mood and no 'tude.

✔Use your heart-mind-body connection to communicate a powerful and congruent message to teams that uplifts, inspires, and elevates the entire environment to a climate of "all faculties in full play." If your communication sounds right, looks right, and feels right, congruence is present and people respond. If not, they don't.

✔Learn to ask yourself and others, "I wonder . . ."

✔Identify your "talking points" and learn to speak extemporaneously in any moment in a way that clearly articulates your message and simultaneously touches, moves, and inspires your audience. Practice keeping your cool in a confrontative moment and artfully rising the conversation back to its highest level.

✔Use Video Shorts as a tool for self-development.

✔Practice eye gazing as a meditation practice which 1) unlocks many beneficial neural changes in the brain associated with advanced meditative states (neuroimaging studies have found increased activity in a group of areas in the brain including the anterior and posterior sections of the superior temporal sulcus (STS), the lateral parietal cortex, the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), the superior temporal gyrus, and the fusiform gyrus,) and 2) is one of the most powerful interpersonal resources for staying steady in a confrontational moment by affording a pause where we can respond with our highest inner resources engaged vs. frenetically react. Public speaking skills leap once the brain and eyes can receive any sort of gaze with presence and non-reactivity.

✔The Tao of Lead and Follow. In dance a good lead provides a clear direction and an enjoyable forward momentum which allows a follower to relax, surrender, and flow. A follower *wants* to relax and follow when they trust their lead. When a follower doesn't trust their leader they resist, tense up, and performance worsens. People want to follow well, they want to improve their "dance" level in the workplace, and they appreciate when a leader can assess their level and draw them to higher and higher levels of performance through trust and steady skill building. If a lead hacks the communication of the dance even once, it becomes much harder for the follower to trust and relax with that leader in the future. Conversely, a lead who nourishes the connection can take risks and while some risks may fail, some will succeed and a spirit of enjoyment will prevail. Everyone wants to dance with someone who can take them higher. Live in an inquiry of how to be that lead, or that follow.

✔Address participant questions.

Examples of past participant questions include:

“How do I break the spiral of negative fearful thoughts that can take over my brain?”

"A road rage driver swerved and cut me off on the way to the office. It filled me with so much adrenaline I shook inside and it messed up my vibe for a week. I know I own the problem, but I don't know how to fix it when something like that happens."

"I feel inhibited from having some of the difficult conversations I need to have with my team. Part of that is concern for how it will land and any negative repercussions it might have, and part of it is not knowing how to clear stress out of my body and reluctance to add any more."

“How do I move from a newly diagnosed rare cancer victim/patient to an empowered, courageous woman?”

“I am stuck in my head. How do I learn to feel from my heart?”

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