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Consult with Bridget

"Bridget is the BEST!
She helps me physically, mentally and spiritually. Bridget is an amazing person, her story is an inspiration to all and her energy is contagious. Keep on growing and if something gets in the way just 'EAT IT'!
I can’t wait to see the what happens in the next chapter…
Warning…Don’t see her unless you’re ready to take it to the next level!"
Jason Cooke
Entrepreneur, Free Spirit & Lover of Life

Please email all inquiries and proposals to:

Bridget's consulting work was featured in the Phillips Corporation Publication Pathways to Virtuosity: Possibility Thinking:

"Bridget you rocked it yesterday. You said exactly exactly exactly what was needed. Spot on again."

Corporate coaching client

"Recently I sought Bridget to see if we could work together to improve my significant and potentially life threatening illness.  Through reading her book Unlocking the Heart of Healing I learned the Open Heart Meditation Technique and began practicing it on my own.  As a long time meditator I found the instruction easy to use as a guide to learning the technique.  As an R.N. and a career-long clinical nurse I am astonished at how I genuinely feel better. I am so pleased to be learning how to become my own healer.  I am excited that the technique can be done while busy doing life or sitting quietly to have a longer meditation. Clinical treatment with Bridget has intensified the depth and breadth of the work I am doing with the tools I have learned from her.  She is an excellent clinician and coach for me to pursue understanding my health problems from a more open perspective than so defined Western and Alternative treatments and approaches.  I use the meditation throughout the day and I feel better. At the same time, my physicians are not discussing healing or preventing/improving any further decline in my status.  I am currently researching other healing treatments and preventive care much like she did.  My mind and my heart are open.  Through the stories backed up with scientific research she has provided an inspired pathway that anyone can identify in her book. I am using it to guide me in the many ways to get answers for my process of healing.  So far my attitude, outlook, and sense of direction is already positively changed.   I am eager to continue to learn how to be the best healer of me that I can possibly be."

Cynthia McElroy R.N., B.S.N.

“You have given me so much, too numerous and miraculous to name here…
A direct way to awaken healing. You know for me it's almost like being granted a permission to heal...which is powerful because when you're sick everyone is reacting to your illness instead of connecting with the being that is experiencing it.

I remember you saying in our first phone call, something about being willing to spend the time to see every detail, every aspect of what's going on, to find that synergistic, dynamic piece that will be a catalyst for healing. Something that potentially everybody else had missed. Then all the sudden it became fun.  An adventure.  A journey with a good friend to heal.  How beautiful!  And how extraordinarily generous.  I feel like you've got my back and better yet...that you've got my heart.

Clearly, while curing my advanced stage ovarian cancer is what I am seeking, it is so much bigger than that; it is about opening an important doorway to healing. It is about awakening in me the ability to thrive, to pay attention, to dive deep and find an even greater compassion for myself and gratitude for this life as it is regardless of the circumstances. That’s where my 'inner molecules of medicine' are created and where I believe my authentic cure resides.”

Nancy F.

"If Bridget were one of the Seven Dwarfs she'd be Happy, and when you spend time with her, you can't help but feel that way too."

–Maryellen Shierling

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