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"This book doesn't belong on your bookshelf. It belongs within arms reach for reading, re-reading, and daily application.”

Steve Carter, CEO, Stress Solutions LLC

Read Unlocking the Heart of Healing & use your heart-mind-body connection to heal. Unlock dormant inner resources that impact peak performance, peak athletics, & radical health. Learn to make Inner Molecules of Medicine and elevate yourself to the next level. Reverse Divine Deficit Disorder & reconnect with sacred awe. Unlocking healing unlocks our fullest capacities for living playfully, powerfully, & in alignment with sacred purpose. Heal & grow from the inside out!

"When I took my daughter to see Bridget with my 5 inch binder of medical records, Bridget told us that there was one missing link in our efforts to get my daughter well. She gave us her book and told us to focus on a “Feeling Mantra” and “Change Your Mind.” After reading the book “Unlocking The Heart of Healing” my daughter has changed her focus, moved forward in life and has become more independent; in spite of her health challenges. She is happier than I have seen her in six years and her happiness keeps her motivated to work towards the healthiest life style possible. Bridget’s contagious smile and laughter helped my daughter relax and take her words of advice to heart. I can’t thank Bridget enough.."

Ann Mohler

Special Patient Programs Director
Zaching Against Cancer Foundation

"The life-changing teachings in Bridget's book will reinvent your soul and open your heart to pure love."

Beth Duckett

Elissa Bantug
Program Manager
Johns Hopkins
Breast Program

“Bridget Hughes writes an amazing illustration about the importance of the mind-body connection. She is a wonderful teacher and storyteller who uses personal examples from her own experiences (and the experiences of so many patients she has helped) to illuminate her salient points. I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who has lived through a life-changing illness and wants to learn about the importance of wellness. Ms. Hughes teaches us that healing is not a one-size-fits all model but rather something anyone can learn and utilize.”

Elissa Bantug, 2x cancer survivor and Program Manager for the Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Program

John G. Sullivan, Ph.D.

“A fierce advocate and a compassionate heart, Bridget Hughes pushes the boundaries of what is possible when we are companioned by such a healing presence as she is. Unlocking the Heart of Healing is a gift from the heart to the heart.”

John G. Sullivan, Ph.D.
Author, Living Large: Transformative Work at the Intersection of Ethics and Spirituality and The Fourfold Path to Wholeness: A Compass for the Heart


Stephen Cowan, MD

“Bridget Hughes has given us a book that is at once deeply personal and well researched. She has the audacity to speak of the mysteries, the uncommon, the unbelievable, the extraordinary that open us to the possibilities of self-healing. Rather than presenting some esoteric formula for health, she offers simple practical tools that serve as a counterbalance to the hardline chemistry of disease. In this book, she shows us how anyone can tap the unlimited potential of our own imagination and by doing so unlock the heart of healing. This will be a valuable resource to the many families I care for in years to come.”  

Stephen Cowan, MD
Author, Fire Child Water Child, how understanding the five types of ADHD can help you improve your child’s self esteem and attention


Bernard Seif,

“Unlocking the Heart of Healing is like a diamond reflecting a multitude of facets of holistic healing and healthcare. Bursting with personal and professional case examples, this volume brings to life the many ways in which we heal in practical and crystal-clear language. Caveat: The light from this volume is too brilliant for anyone to comprehend fully and the reader may get dazzled.  Enter any facet of this well-written gem and be content.  It will lead you to other topics if needed.  It is not essential to digest everything. Trust your unlocked heart and let inner Wisdom lead.”

Brother/Doctor Bernard Seif, SMC, EdD, DNM
Author, Night Prayer and Images of God: Religious Beliefs Given Life Through Counseling, Spiritual Direction and Prayer


Technology Manager and Connectivity Ponderer


“Many books have been written about the mind-body connection, some of which speak to unlocking the power of the connection in the context of healing.   But few have been written by an awakener such as Ms. Hughes who has unlocked the door and has made herself at home there. Her view—the product of a unique confluence of personal experience, technical knowledge, awareness, curiosity and humor—provides practical and stimulating discussion as to how to access one’s vital energy. Her style invites readers to nurture their capacity for full-being healing by living well in their minds, hearts and with each other.  Heart of Healing is a must-read for everyone interested in all that can still go right.”


B. K.

Technology Manager and Connectivity Ponderer


Edward Kentish, M.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist

"This book changes my life as I read it.  In these pages Bridget has gathered together wisdom and blended it with real life stories.  I find the mix enjoyable, it's readily digestible and it's very compelling.  I'm applying it and it's making a difference.  This is an unconventional approach to healing but not new.  Simple, but not necessarily easy.  This is not a fix-it book, it's not "30 Days to a Better You."  It's more like the voice of Bridget inviting us to be in love with life and to enjoy the remarkable side-effects of being in love with life." 


Edward Kentish M.Ac., L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist


Unlocking the Heart of Healing by Author Bridget Hughes
Andy Lazris, M.D.

“I am a primary care physician and a human being, and on both levels "Unlocking the Heart of Healing" has touched me. Its central theme is one that is crucial for everyone’s health and happiness: within us all lies the medicine that can help us to thrive, or drive us into misery. As a doctor I know that too many people look to external forces in an effort to feel better. This may be through pills and tests and doctors and procedures; all of these provide an illusion of becoming healthier. But I have seen just the opposite occur, and studies bear out my observation.


Bridget Hughes’ book shows us the inner workings of our body and minds that can have a profound impact on our health and well being. Through citations to scientific data and influential books, and through wonderful illustrative stories that often can bring tears to the reader’s eyes, the book is a practical guide that shows us how to tap our internal power to improve our outcome. Its clarity and beauty are so compelling, that I found myself altering my perception of the world with every chapter I read. I found new ways to help my patients, and to find peace within myself, through very facile and common sense strategies that the author clearly describes. I typically do not leap to fads and unproven alternative medical treatments, and Bridget’s book was none of those things. It represents a way of thinking, one that can be individualized and applied to multiple circumstances by diverse people. In many ways it is universal. As the author states clearly, our own healing heart is within us, and it is up to us to tap into it and allow it to produce medicines that improve our minds and bodies rather than dwelling in negativity that is so often thrust at us by society and by the medical establishment. This is one of the most enlightening and helpful books I have every read, and as a doctor and as a person I thank Bridget Hughes profoundly.”

Andy Lazris, M.D.

author of Curing Medicare and Interpreting Health Benefits and Risks: A Practical Guide to Facilitate Doctor-Patient Communication

Anne Fava
Pure Barre Annapolis

“Unlocking the Heart of Healing is truly a masterpiece. Bridget Hughes is one of the kindest, most knowledgeable and extraordinary people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  As a patient,  I have witnessed first hand her sheer genius, unique healing through finding my mind-body connection, and her immense compassion.  This book is a refuge for all searching and trying to finally heal.  I can wholeheartedly vouch for its' validity as Bridget has been my guiding compass throughout my personal journey to healing my body.  It is a wealth of knowledge vastly needed in today's society and medical world.  To know her is to love her. Bridget–thank you for your love and friendship, I am profoundly grateful.”

Anne Fava

Owner, Pure Barre Annapolis


Mary M. Dowling, LCSW-C
Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical

“Unlocking the Heart of Healing, Bridget Hughes’ first book, is the most practical, enlightening, humorous, comforting and just plain useful book I’ve EVER read.  The way she writes,  while educational and inspirational,  leaves the reader feeling they’ve found their new best friend, basking in the joy of knowing they are not alone and there are concrete, loving ways to heal and thrive. Her authenticity shines through every word, inviting us all to love ourselves and each other more fiercely. This will stay on my bedside table."


Mary M. Dowling, LCSW-C

Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical

Stephany Porter, ND, FABNO
The Bodhi Clinic

As a practicing Naturopathic Doctor, I highly recommend you take the time to read and practice the concepts presented in “Unlocking the Heart of Healing”.  Bridget, a phenomenal and recognized Acupuncturist, has applied her life and work experience with current research to document stories of healing that are easy to relate to.  Her book meshes twenty first century medicine with research, embracing the wisdom traditional societies and healers have known for centuries. The body, mind and spirit are an interrelated, intelligent trinity in which a negative impact on one aspect can lead to disorder in another just as a positive impact leads to a positive effect in another.

A must read……  Stephany Porter, ND, FABNO


Christina O'Meara
Founding Bank Director of Revere Bank, Board Member Anne Arundel Medical Center

"This book is a brilliant, enlightening and riveting compilation of stories of miraculous healing. Bridget Hughes' own health challenging experiences propelled her into extensive research. This synergy of experience and wisdom enhance her keys to optimum wellness both physically and spiritually. She generously solves for us the enigma of healing. It will change your life."


Christina O'Meara

Founding Bank Director of Revere Bank

Property Management Company Owner

Board Member, Anne Arundel Medical Center

Past Board Member of United Way, Partners in Care, and Creating Community

Usui, Karuna and Lightarian Reiki Master

Certified Donna Eden Energy Medicine




Stanley Fox, CZB, L.Ac.
Zero Balancing Certified Practitioner
Licensed Five Element Acupuncturist

“Bridget Hughes has created another wonderful gift to share with the world. Many times over the years I have heard the statement ‘Great Wisdom dwells within you, where the only TRUE HEALER resides – the one deep within every cell. The one that calls you back to the very awareness of your own true nature.’ With her book "Unlocking The Heart of Healing" Bridget offers numerous reminders of this very fact. Further, in addition to reminding us of this inherent ability we all possess, Bridget offers simple strategies for accessing this on a regular and consistent basis.
However, and even more importantly, Bridget reminds us that the simple act of savoring the memory of a special moment has profound healing qualities which accesses this True Healing deep within every cell.
Thank you Bridget for this simple reminder.”


Stanley Fox, CZB, L.Ac.
Zero Balancing Certified Practitioner
Zero Balancing Certification Candidate Mentor
Licensed Five Element Acupuncturist
Treasurer Maryland Acupuncture Society Board of Directors


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