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"I was in recovery after surgery and was having heart palpitations and anxiety. The nurse was going to give me an Ativan but I declined and did my Qigong meditation practice instead. The palpitations and anxiety subsided within 15 minutes with no medication!"

Jan Oliver


Meditation in Motion


Heal from the Inside Out...

Meditate ⚙ Move ⚙ Breathe ⚙ Heal

Qigong. . . Create living poetry with your body.

Experience the connection between rapture and your physical health. Tap into your heart-mind-body connection and unlock dormant inner resources that impact peak performance, peak athletics, and radical health. Learn to make Inner Molecules of Medicine and elevate your body, mind and spirit to the next level. Heal and grow from the inside out.


There is a state of the heart known by ancient traditions and cultures to vaporize disease from the body. Whether we profoundly heal illness, or learn to live in a state of holy joy irrespective of our circumstances, living in this state of heart changes the way we think, feel, and heal. The self-healing practices taught in this class powerfully unlock unrecognized or latent heart-mind-body resources. Class breakdown is 1/2 meditation and 1/2 Qigong (meditation-in-motion) practice. Qigong (pronounced "chee-gung") movements can be adapted to a chair or prone position for students unable to stand.


✔ Qigong 5 Element Form

✔ Toning with Chinese 6 Healing Sounds

✔ Learn Inner transformational tools to unlock dormant resources of the heart-mind-body connection

✔ Discover the state of heart with the power to heal alluded to by ancient cultures

✔ Learn to use a Feeling Mantra© to unlock Inner Molecules of Medicine

✔ Reverse Divine Deficit Disorder and reconnect with awe for all of life

✔ Bridget's Famous Singing Bowl Experience (participants play therapeutic singing bowls on themselves and bathe in the resounding sounds–like church bells–vibrations pass through the cells all the way to the bones during guided meditation!)


"I am completely captivated by your teaching. It was what I was looking for in school but never quite got.  I have my needle skills and clean needle technique, but this class clarifies all the rest of what I'm doing in the treatment room with my patients.  I hope you will teach for the rest of your life."

Robin Harling M.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist

Owner, Stillwater Acupuncture Clinic

"Your words, the words that just well out of you in Qigong class are magic. Your words heal. Your heart heals. You are such a God-source. You are magic. My heart just bursts open wide at the magic that comes through your being. This Qigong class heals.”

–Qigong Student

Where do I go for Qigong???

10710 Charter Drive, Ste. 100 Columbia Md 21044

(Medical Pavilion at Howard County/Johns Hopkins Medicine

Wellness Center is on the 1st Floor across from the cafe)


For information on Progressive Meditation Training (which has a Qigong component) click here.

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“Bridget Hughes does so much more than teach Qigong! She explores the background, the benefits, how it helps therapeutically, the anatomy of the movements and how they affect the physical anatomy, the philosophy, bringing in Taoism and the stories of the origins of Qigong, Tai Chi and the martial arts. She helps students understand the benefits of the movements and she blends into her teaching healing approaches at the emotional and spiritual levels to address the entire person. And she brings fun into learning this highly beneficial practice.”

Reverend Richard Bredeson, Qigong teacher

"Bridget's Qigong class is my weekly body/mind/spirit tune-up.  Before we do the actual Qigong practice, Bridget and other class participants share their most recent readings and thoughts about our bodies amazing capacity for healing.  Every week I gain some juicy morsel to ponder.  Being in the "presence" of Bridget and the other's in the class is a wonderful healing blessing. Taking this class is definitely part of the “plot of the Universe” to make me happy!"

Normale Doyle Cancer Survivor

Board of Directors & Secretary, Help End Homelessness Howard County Inc.

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